Celebrating Local Produce


The beauty of Papua New Guinea’s fresh produce is that it is organic, nutritious and delicious. From the highlands to the islands, the land is blessed with bountiful crops and while there are challenges in the logistics and supply chain, there is no doubt that what is available at open markets and supermarkets like Stop & Shop, scores big on the health quotient.

Celebrating this very local produce is the vision behind the Eat Smart Campaign with Chef Julz Henao, sponsored by the PNG-Aus Partnership. Fresh produce not only delivers nutritional value, but also maximum flavour – this means that they don’t need to be dressed up in complex sauces, or drenched in overpowering seasoning.

Moreover, the incredible variety of greengroceries available in PNG means there are infinite recipes to explore. In Season 1 of PNG Chef, the world was presented on a plate with international dishes created with 100% locally grown and sourced produce. From Vietnamese spring rolls to Malaysian Beef Kebabs to Chicken Satays to Prawn Curry, the possibilities were endless.

This year, the culinary journey will renew appreciation for each season’s food, through a farm to plate experience. With the simple aim of making the local produce the hero of the dish and incorporating rustic outdoor cooking, the Eat Smart Campaign is going back to the basics.

Chef Julz says, “We are resetting our relationship with food, in general. By going local, we are making the art of cooking accessible and affordable to all Papua New Guineans. Produce like bananas, kaukaus, aibika, pumpkin, groundnuts have been our staple for generations. All we are doing now is making the same produce more exciting”.

Get Inspired, PNG!

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