Introducing Easy And Smart Cooking Techniques


Is it possible to eat healthy while being on a budget? Is cost a factor that is stopping you from embracing nutritious meals?

Often, there is a misconception that a healthy diet comes at a (high) price and may cause people to opt for packaged and processed foods instead.

Today, the Eat Smart Campaign gives you simple tips to ensure you can eat more for less!

Plan your Meals
Plan your meals one week in advance. While it may take a bit of your time, eventually it helps you save money. Prepare a list of items that you will need from the grocery store and stick to the list. Only buy what you will eat.

Cook at Home
Dining out and takeaway is an expensive habit, and unhealthy too. A family of 4 can be fed at the same price as dinner for 2 at a restaurant. Get proactive and cook at home. You can cook over the weekend and freeze it or cook small portions every day. Nonetheless, ensure there is zero wastage.

How can you use your leftovers? If you are cooking a roast chicken for dinner, you can make sandwiches out of them for lunch the next day. Stews, salads, soups are a great way of recycling

Avoid highly processed food
Highly processed food like chips, soda, cookies, biscuits are expensive and non-essential items on your grocery list. High in sugar and fat, they don’t contribute to your overall health! Fresh fruit becomes a healthier snack in comparison. Also, remember, pre-packaged meat also costs a lot more.

Shop for Seasonal Produce
Fruits and vegetables cost less when they are in season.

Eat More vegetables
Adding fresh vegetables to your meat-based meals not only helps you get lots of fibre, vitamins and minerals – but your food will go further, saving you money too. You can also replace meat with legumes, and beans, which are cheaper.

Grow your own Produce
Do you have a backyard? Convert that into a garden. It may take time and effort but you are guaranteed a continuous supply of herbs, tomatoes, root vegetables and more.

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